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September/October 2017:

  • This edition's highlighted article (available freely as open access!) is:
    Gender equity imbalance in electrocardiology: A call to action
    by E Clarke Whalen, G Xu, I Cygankiewicz, L Bacharova, W Zareba, JS Steinberg, LG Tereshchenko, A Baranchuk

    Gender equality in electrocardiology: a work in progress. As more women are entering medicine, gender equality has become an area of great attention. Despite the increasing number of women becoming doctors, cardiology remains a male-dominated profession. The International Society of Electrocardiology and International Society of Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology have recently looked at the representation of women within the subspeciality of electrocardiology. A recent analysis suggests that there may be a significant gender imbalance with respect to both leadership and involvement in research in the field. Creating gender diversity in medicine, including electrocardiology, is vital as it allows for access to the full pool of talent in both genders, which will help to generate the highest quality clinicians, educators, and researchers. Closing the gender gap in electrocardiology is an important issue and will be an area of focus for the International Society of Electrocardiology in the future. 
    erica ljuba
     Ljuba Bacharova (Left) and Erica Clarke Whalen (RIght) BSc.,(Honors), MSc., MBBS

  • The ICE article for this edition is:
    Ventricular tachycardia score – A novel method for wide QRS complex tachycardia differentiation – Explained
    by Marek Jastrzębski, Piotr Kukla, Danuta Czarnecka
    Published online: April 25, 2017


July, 2017:

  • IRIS-2017-Ukraine: the International Research Interdisciplinary School 2017, Zhovkva, Ukraine, May 8 -12, 2017
  • Welcome to ISE from Andrian Baranchuk, ISE President