ICE 2018 A Huge Success

ice2018 logoThe  2018 edition of the International Congress on Electrocardiography (ICE) has come and gone and our hosts in Chiba City, Japan ensured that we enjoy an event rich in both science and Japanese culture.   Takanori Ikeda and his team ran the meeting with graceful efficiency and offered unique social events that will not forget soon.  Stay tuned for more reports to follow. 

This year, we also thank the Journal of Electrocardiology, for their support.  They will soon publish all abstracts of those accepted for the conference and who attend and present.

ice 2019 banner2018 was the second joint meeting of our society and the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) and we are very excited to be heading next year to Belgrade, Serbia for ICE 2019


The first outcome of the new agreement between our partner societies and th Heart Rhythm Socieity (HRS) has just been announced.  We will run a joint session at the HRS 2019 in San Francisco. There is a plan in place for the speakers so stay tuned for more details.

The Journal of Hospital Medicine has just released a new article that brings together leader from our society and our partners at ISHNE to identify the ECG interpretation compatentices for trainees.  The paper addresses the need that "Currently, many medical education programs lack an organized curriculum and competency as- sessment to ensure trainees master this essential skill."  

Find the text of the new paper here and address comments and suggestions to our president, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the corresponding author for the paper. 

The Society is sad to announce the death of Pentti Rautaharju on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.

Pentti was a real father figure who made a huge contribution to electrocardiography from the introduction of the Minnesota Code in 1960 through so many computer-assisted studies, with a particular interest in epidemiology. 

He was a strong supporter and the International Society of Electrocardiology (ISE), served on the International Council, and hosted the 1993 ICE Conference in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. 

Pentti will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by so many.

Our sincere condolences are offered to Pentti’s wife Farida and family.

Dear Colleagues and friends,

We have all heard the news from Barcelona about this horrible attack.  There are no words to repudiate enough this act of cowardice against the community of our beloved town of Barcelona.

The International Society of Electrocardiology sends our deepest condolences to the families of the victims. We are praying for the full recovery of those hurt during the attack. We also stand up for the people of Barcelona, and we invite all our community to attend the European Society of Cardiology next week. We will show our respect to the victims and our solidarity with the amazing Catalan people.

We are not afraid.

14thAnnual Conference of the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society

April 15-17, 2018

Paris, France

ISE logoecas logoISHNE

For the first time the International Society of Electrocardiology and the International Society for Holter Monitoring and Noninvasive Electrocardiology organized a joint session at the ECAS annual conference. The topics were selected to represent an overview of current directions in research in electrocardiology. The importance of P-QRS-T morphology changes recognition in identifying the potential substrates for arrhythmias was accented.

Surface ECG in the 21stCentury (ISE-ISHNE-ECAS Joint meeting)

April 16, 2018


Ljuba Bacharova, Bratislava, Slovakia; Niraj Varma, Cleveland, USA


  1. Antonio Bayes de Luna (Barcelona, Spain):P-wave: The past, the present and the future.
  2. Peter Macfarlane (Glasgow, United Kingdom):Update in early repolarization.
  3. Ljuba Bacharova (Bratislava, Slovakia):Definition of LBBB: does it matter?
  4. Philippe Chevalier (Lyon, France):VF risk in Brugada type I ECG patients: is the ECG the key?

Ljuba Bacharova
Niraj Varma

Message from the president

Adrian 120x180 Dear Colleagues

It is a great pleasure to accept the position of President of the International Society of Electrocardiology (ISE) for the period 2017-2019.

I will do my best to help the Society to continue developing, to attract larger audiences, and to promote educational strategies beyond the organization of our annual congress.

I would like to start thanking a group of individuals. First of all, my full recognition to Dr Wojciech Zareba, our past president. Dr Zareba has enriched our Society with fundamental changes to our constitution. His open and democratic way to lead the Society is highly inspiring and I hope to be able to continue on the same path. Dr Zareba has secured the organization of our annual meetings for the next 4-5 years in incredible locations (with great organizers in each location!). Secondly, my gratitude to Dr Larisa Tereschenko, who organized the 44th International Congress on Electrocardiology (ICE) in Portland, last June. She took on the responsibility to organize the renewed joint meeting of the ISE-ISHNE (International Society of Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology) which resulted in provoking scientific discussion. We all enjoyed her team’s collegiality and they truly made us feel at home. Sessions were well-attended and abstracts from the meeting will be published online in the Journal of Electrocardiology.

whf 2018

The final program will be discussed with the Organizers and as soon as Adrian hears from them, he will circulate it for input and suggestions.  

We now have the following joint meetings (outside ICE 2018 in Chiba, Japan):