ICE 2018 A Huge Success

ice2018 logoThe  2018 edition of the International Congress on Electrocardiography (ICE) has come and gone and our hosts in Chiba City, Japan ensured that we enjoy an event rich in both science and Japanese culture.   Takanori Ikeda and his team ran the meeting with graceful efficiency and offered unique social events that will not forget soon.  Stay tuned for more reports to follow. 

This year, we also thank the Journal of Electrocardiology, for their support.  They will soon publish all abstracts of those accepted for the conference and who attend and present.

ice 2019 bannerThis was the second joint meeting of our society and the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) and we are very excited to be heading next year to Belgrade, Serbia for ICE 2019


A Tribute to Prof. Antonio Bayés de Luna,
by his son, Prof. Antoni Bayés Genís

At the XXII Annual Meeting of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP) held in Barcelona (Spain) on the 24th and 25th of August 2017.

“Antonio Bayés de Luna, as you well know, is my father. This is a biological issue; one has nothing to say about this. I would just say: I’m proud of it!!!

Antonio Bayés de Luna is also my friend. This is not biology; a friend is chosen voluntarily…and I can attest that we are very good friends. And as good friends, sometimes we have arguments…


Antonio Bayés de Luna, is also my mentor. He has mentored me throughout my career and has been the mentor of dozens of fellows during his professional lifespan. He is a good mentor, pointing to the right direction (sometimes a bit “pushy”, it is true…) and with a clear idea of what to do. He has great charisma, and all of you that know him, will for sure concur with me.

Antonio Bayés de Luna is the “King of ECG”. Antonio has excelled both at EKG research and education. He is world-wide recognized for his innovative ideas on EKG and his contributions to a more precise and refined diagnosis.

He has also the ambition to change the world, to make it a better one. Antoni has accomplished this goal by his active participation in scientific societies. He has been President of the Catalan Society of Cardiology, the Spanish Society of Cardiology, the World Heart Federation, and also served a term as President of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacology!

With no doubts, he deserves this career recognition…an many more…he is quite young yet!!!”



antonio bayes genis

Prof. Antoni Bayés-Genís
Dr Antoni Bayés-Genís is Head of the Heart Institute at Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol in Badalona (Barcelona, Spain), director of the ICREC (Heart Failure and Cardiac Regeneration) Research Program, and Full Professor at Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has published over 350 SCI papers with more than 6206 citations. He is inventor of 9 international patents and has established several collaboration agreements with biotechnological companies.