This illustration is by “Juan Pablo Compaired” the artist responsible for the section “Medical Humor” of the IASC. Juan Pablo Compaired has also contributed with the cover of Journal of Electrocardiology (vol July-August 2017).













I am sure that you all know what happened to our friends in Mexico this week. A new earthquake has hit the center of Mexico including the “DF”, resulting in the loss of several lives. And this even happened while Mexicans were remembering those who died in a massive earthquake years ago. I lost a dear family friend in the 1985 event.

We heard the news from Mexico while celebrating the International Society of Cardiology (IASC) meeting in Panama. All of a sudden, our Mexican friends and colleagues lost communication and for several hours, we did not hear anything from them. We quickly regrouped to determine how to cover the presentations of 38 Mexican colleagues. Everybody stepped up to the plate. Everybody wanted to help.

Each of the subsequent presentation was dedicated to our Mexican brothers who lost their lives during the earthquake and to recognize the heroes who kept working hour after hour to find survivors and to help those in need.

By Thursday night, the airport in Mexico DF became operational, and some of our colleagues decided to come to Panama, to participate of the IASC meeting. They left behind their scared families, their homes in need need of repairs, and their clinics…all to celebrate science, to do what Mexicans do best: to honor their passion for a better world, a healthier world; a world with a chance of better cardiovascular protection to everybody in this incredible continent.

I was truly inspired by our Mexican colleagues and their commitment to science.

The ISE wishes to extend our condolences to the families of the victims and to show respect for those who will be working hard to comfort the victims of this catastrophic event.

Adrian Baranchuk MD FACC FRCPC FCCS
President, International Society of Electrocardiology