ICE 2018 A Huge Success

ice2018 logoThe  2018 edition of the International Congress on Electrocardiography (ICE) has come and gone and our hosts in Chiba City, Japan ensured that we enjoy an event rich in both science and Japanese culture.   Takanori Ikeda and his team ran the meeting with graceful efficiency and offered unique social events that will not forget soon.  Stay tuned for more reports to follow. 

This year, we also thank the Journal of Electrocardiology, for their support.  They will soon publish all abstracts of those accepted for the conference and who attend and present.

ice 2019 bannerThis was the second joint meeting of our society and the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) and we are very excited to be heading next year to Belgrade, Serbia for ICE 2019


In Memory of Fred Kornreich

Only shortly after Pentti, his dear friend and another pioneer in our field has also passed.  We are sad to report that Fred Kornreich passed away on August 20, 2018.  Fred was trained as a cardiologist and became fascinated with BSPM and statistics so he set out to link features of the ECG available only from BSPM with diseases.  He traveled to all the leading BSPM labs of the day and created a network, one that sustained him personally and professionally for the rest of his career.  Some of you are members of the network, no doubt.  


Fred also organized a meeting of a group, of which only Adriaan and I (Rob) remain (see photo), to discuss the state of BSPM and the ECG Inverse problem, now more commonly called "ECG Imaging", in 2004.  It took 10 more years to create a second such meeting and what is now the Consortium for ECGI ( that is providing a collaborative, international setting for this research.  Fred, Ron, Pentti, Galen, and Christophe captured the spirit of that generation and we mourn their passing but also celebrate their pioneering achievements.  The research, and our memories of Fred and the other ECG pioneers, live on.

We extend our deepest condolences to Fred's children and their families. 

vred 2004 group