ICE 2018 A Huge Success

ice 2019 banner2018 was the second joint meeting of our society and the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) and we are very excited to be heading next year to Belgrade, Serbia for ICE 2019!
Abstract deadline is March 1, 2019
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Adrian Baranchuk completes term as ISE President

Adrian Baranchuk

Dear Colleagues and friends

It has been an incredible privilege to serve as President of the International Society of Electrocardiology for the period 2017-2019.

During this term, I have the pleasure to work with an incredible group of individuals. We have invested a significant amount of time trying to insert our Society in the current complex map of medical societies. In that sense, I am happy to report that ISE has now joint sessions during the Heart Rhythm Society meeting (HRS), the European Cardiac arrhythmia Society (ECAS), the Interamerican Society of Cardiology (SIAC), the Winter Arrhythmia School (IWAS) and the World Society of Arrhythmias (WSA).

These interactions allow us to show our views on Electrocardiology, and at the same time, learn from our colleagues on how to approach different opportunities and challenges.

Another aspect that deserves to be highlighted is the joint publications with other Societies (HRS & ISHNE). We have published along with our colleagues from ISHNE, the first paper on Gender Equity in our sub-specialty and the first proposed in-training electrocardiogram interpretation competencies for pre and postgraduates. We are now working with HRS and ISHNE in a statement document on the electrocardiography of inherited arrhythmia disorders.

We continue to have permanent collaborations with ISCE, and now the Journal of Electrocardiology provides a full indexed supplement to report on the topics discussed in their annual meeting. We have now 6 full indexed volumes for the regular manuscripts of JECG.

I am proud and happy to announce the creation of the ISE Young Community who is going to have their first meeting in Belgrade, Serbia during ICE 2019. Dr. Goksel Cinier from Turkey has accepted the responsibility to coordinate this group in its first steps. A nucleus group of members from 4 continents has accepted to be the initial force, and they have started to work very actively on different interesting projects.

As you all know, now we share our annual meeting with ISHNE. The name of the meeting is ICE (International Congress on Electrocardiology) and both societies take leadership in the organization, on alternate years. ISE took leadership during the meeting in Chiba, Japan, and ISHNE will take leadership for ICE 2019 in Belgrade. I’d like to thank Dr. Milovanovic for his dedication to this meeting. A separate comment deserves the President of ISHNE during the term 2017-2019. Dr. Niraj Varma is a fantastic colleague to work with. We are now not only colleagues, but also close friends. Thanks, Niraj for your support during these 2 years.

The ISE website ( has developed into an attractive source of information. We need to keep expanding it, please consider sending us material, news, cases and everything that could be of interest for our community.

I would like to finish this note thanking those individuals that helped me and the society during the last 2 years: Rob MacLeod, your work with the website, JECG and setting the abstract submission process was absolutely amazing. I have only words of gratitude for your permanent help, support and willingness to expand the boundaries of our Society. Peter Macfarlane, your permanent advice on many different issues, your critical view, and your mentorship have been instrumental for maintaining the standards or our Society. I hope you consider another term (one more!!!) as Treasurer of our Society. Wojtek Zareba, I could simply not make it without your permanent advice and mentorship. Your views and deep knowledge of this field have been of utmost importance, and I always counted on your support for taking difficult decisions. I hope you keep involved, your wisdom will be necessary to keep taking on new challenges. Thanks for securing the next 4-5 ICE meetings locations!!! Takanori Ikeda, thanks for an incredible ICE 2018. I will never forget your generosity and professionalism to host an extraordinary meeting.

I want to wish our President Elect, Tom Ribeiro, all the best for his term. Tom is an incredibly talented physician and researcher. He has demonstrated an open mind and full dedication to our Society. He is already working for ICE 2020 (Brazil) and secured funds to have a fantastic meeting in his land.

Two years ago, I was not sure whether I could be President of ISE and Editor-in-Chief of our journal, the Journal of Electrocardiology; all at the same time. Well, two years later here we are, I am happy with the Journey; however, there are lots to improve: we need a better financing system, we need to include Allied Professionals, we need to develop ECG courses and a large list of etceteras. The challenge continues.

I will remain close to our Society assisting Tom when deemed necessary. I will also continue to help from my position in the Journal.

As I move to my next academic challenge, I remain thankful for all the great opportunities that this position as President of the ISE gave me. I will never forget these 2 years. I met extraordinary people and I also learned how to lead from exceptional mentors. Thanks to each one of you.

See you all in Belgrade, Serbia for the ICE 2019!

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Baranchuk MD FACC FRCPC FCCS
Professor of Medicine / Queen’s University
President, International Society of Electrocardiology (2017-2019)            
Editor in Chief, Journal of Electrocardiology