ICE 2004 in Kyoto, Japan

June 27-July 1, 2004

The 31st International Congress on Electrocardiology took place from June 27 to July 1, 2004, at the Kyoto International Conference Center, the place where 7 years earlier the Kyoto Protocol had been signed.


This ICE meeting had full proceedings, published as a 900-page book under the title Advances in Electrocardiology 2004 (World Scientific, Singapore), ISBN 981-256-107-2.

Proceedings editors

Masayasu Hiraoka (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Satoshi Ogawa (Keio University, Tokyo)
Itsuo Kodama (Nagoya University)
Hiroshi Inoue (Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University)
Hiroshi Kasanuki (Tokyo Women's Medical University)
Takao Katoh (Nippon Medical University, Tokyo)

Organizing Committee

President: Masayasu Hiraoka (Tokyo)
Honorary President: Kazuo Yamada (Nagoya)
Honorary Vice-President: Tsuneaki Sugimoto (Tokyo)
Honorary Vice-President: Shoji Yasui (Nagoya)
Vice-President: Junji Toyama (Toyama)
Secretary General: Satoshi Ogawa (Tokyo)

Committee Chairpersons

Scientific Program Committee: Itsuo Kodama (Nagoya)
Program Committee: Hiroshi Inoue (Toyama)
Fund-Raising Committee: Hiroshi Kasanuki (Tokyo)
Finance Committee: Yoshifusa Aizawa (Niigata)
General Affairs Committee: Takao Katoh (Tokyo)
Public Relations and Registration Committee: Tohru Ohe (Okayama)
Exhibition Committee: Shiro Kamakura (Osaka)
Site Management and Liaison Committee: Minoru Horie (Shiga)


The International Society of Electrocardiology
The Organizing Committee of the 31st International Congress on Electrocardiology
The Japanese Society of Electrocardiology
The Japan Heart Foundation

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