First International Meeting of ISE Young Community, 4-5 June 2022

The ISE young community held its first scientific meeting on the 4th and 5th of June 2022. The event was fully online and free of charge. Four of the submitted abstracts will be selected to be presented at the “Best Abstract” oral session. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Journal of Electrocardiology. final program (PDF).

On the first day, the first session chaired by Mark P otse and Tong Liu focused on risk stratification of ventricular arrhythmias in specific diseases, with topics of Brugada syndrome by Sharen Lee, long QT syndrome by Levent Pay, pericarditis by Ishan Lakhani and heart failure by Ana Ciobanu. The application of these research findings for clinical application were discussed by Elena Zaklyazminskaya and Tachapong Ngarmukos. The second session chaired by Vassilios Vassilikos and Göksel Çinier focused on risk stratification of atrial arrhythmias. Cengiz Burak reviewed the published works on the use of P-wave indices for AF prediction, whilst Özge Mert presented the concept of atrial cardiomyopathy, and Ali Uğur Soysal provided an update on wearable devices for AF detection. The wider clinical applications and decision making using different investigation modalities such as ECG and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging were discussed by Anna Chousou, Boyoung Joung and Vassilios Vassiliou. The third session chaired by Sebastian Garcia Zamora and Andrés Felipe Miranda‐Arboleda concerned ECGs in acute coronary syndromes. Sevda Aygün illustrated the difficulty in diagnosing STEMI in challenging scenarios, whilst Ozan Tezen reviewed the value of ECGs in NSTEMI. Elham Mahmoudi discussed the localisation of the culprit artery based on ECG findings and Pendell Meyers discussed the paradigm shift in STEMI diagnosis using the terms occlusion myocardial infarction (OMI) and non-occlusion myocardial infarction (NOMI). The discussions were chaired by Emrah Erdoğan and Yochai Birnbaum. The fourth session chaired by Pyotr Platonov and Konstantinos Letsas focused on the diagnosis and localisation of ventricular arrythmias. Emir Baskovski reviewed discussed a practical approach for the differential diagnosis of wide QRS complex tachycardias. Enes Elvin Gül illustrated the theory and practicalities of defining the critical isthmus during VT ablation, whilst Yaodong Li provided an update on the new mapping techniques for VT ablation. Discussions were led by Mert İlker Hayıroğlu and Augusto Meretta.

The second day of the meeting started with the best oral presentations session chaired by Sharen Lee and Gary Tse. The first session chaired by Takanori Ikeda and Radu Vatasescu was a ISE-YC-ISHNE Joint Session on how to analyze and interpret challenging ECG tracings. Cosmin Cojocaru illustrated challenges encountered in the emergency department, whilst Ahmet Çağdaş Yumurtaş and Ema Goanţă presented lessons from the catheterisation and electrophysiology laboratories. Takashi Ashihara provided a practical approach to ECG interpretation. Discussions on the topic were led by Yi-Gang Li, Thomas Klingenheben, and Leandro Tomas. The second session chaired by Bülent Görenek and Çağlar Özmen focused on the roles of ECG in cardiac implantable electronic devices. Josip Borovac reviewed the use of ECG before CRT implantation. Konstantinos Triantafyllou and Pawel Matusik illustrated the use of ECG in His bundle and left bundle branch pacing. Muhammed Dural demonstrated challenging ECG tracings in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices. Discussions were led by Melisa Antoniolli and Meltem Altınsoy. The third session chaired by Gary Tse and Emanuela Locati concerned digital health and the ECG. Deepak Padmanabhan considered the application of machine learning for sudden cardiac death. Kamalan Jeevaratnam presented a case for predicting AF based on sinus rhythm ECGs. Shreen Mohammed considered the evidence for predicting heart failure using ECGs. Kiera Liblik illustrated the problems of cybersecurity in electrocardiology. Discussions were led by Natasja MS de Groot and Ljuba Bacharova. The fourth session chaired by Clara Saldarriaga and Rajeev Pathak focused on ECGs in specific infectious diseases, including Lyme disease by Cynthia Yeung, Chagas disease by Andrés Felipe Miranda‐Arboleda and COVID-19 by David Chieng. The NET-HEART project was presented by Hector Isaac Alejandro Ortiz Lopez. Discussions were led by Jesús Alvarez-Garcia and Pilar Lopez-Santi.

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