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The 44th International Congress on Electrocardiology. 2017 June 24-27, 2017 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Message from the president

Dear Colleagues

The 43rd International Congress on Electrocardiology was held In June 2016 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Dr. Miguel Fiol and Dr. Antonio Bayes de Luna attracted excellent faculty to the meeting that contributed to a very high scientific level of the congress. Sessions on Brugada syndrome with Brugada brothers, sessions on atrial fibrillation with John Camm, Sam Levy, and Gunter Breithardt, session on early repolarization with Peter Macfarlane and Sami Viskin, and many other session with top leaders in the field of cardiology and electrocardiology. Many thanks to Miguel and Antonio for organizing such a high-level scientific meeting!

We are already planning the next 44th International Congress on Electrocardiology which will be held in Portland, Oregon, on June 24-27, 2017 and is organized by Dr. Larisa Tereshchenko and her team. The congress will provide excellent opportunity to learn about recent advances in clinical and experimental electrocardiology with again excellent faculty. Please mark your calendars!

We encourage you to visit our ISE website to learn about numerous opportunities regarding ECG training. We provide direct access to informational and educational links. These links will benefit every physician, cardiologists in training who use ECG in daily practice, and researchers interested in the field.

Wishing you good summer,
Wojciech Zareba, MD, PhD
President of the International Society of Electrocardiology

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