ICE 2013 in Glasgow, Scotland

August 7-10, 2013
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Young Investigator Competition

  1. First prize: A. Kelly and G.L. Smith (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway): Intramural LV afterdepolarizations and arrhythmias during calcium overload in the intact rabbit heart.
  2. Second prize: T.S. Stølen, M.A.H. Høydal, A.B.J. Johnsen S.E.G. Gaustad, E.S. Skogvoll, G.L.S. Smith, and U.W. Wisløff (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway): Exercise training reduces life-threatening arrhythmias in heart failure rats: the importance exercise training intensity.
  3. Third prize: R.D. Walton, O. Bernus (Universite Bordeaux Segalen, France): Dual excitation wavelength optical imaging of transmural electrophysiological heterogeneity in pig ventricles.

Conference Information

The 40th International Congress on Electrocardiology was held in the University of Glasgow from August 7th-10th. The Local Organising Committee contained a number of individuals from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences. The meeting was attended by approximately 220 delegates and accompanying persons, which is a relatively high number for this particular conference.

Workshop on Early Repolarization

On Wednesday 7th August, there was a one day workshop on the ECG pattern of early repolarization that was attended by some of the leading researchers in this area. The aim of the workshop was to review current understanding and confusing definitions of early repolarisation in order to produce, in due course, a consensus paper which will clearly define early repolarization so that future research work will be based on agreed ECG measurements.

This ECG abnormality has recently become associated with life threatening idiopathic ventricular fibrillation, as highlighted by Professor Michel Haissaguerre from Bordeaux. Dr Charles Antzelevitch, one of the leading cardiac cellular electrophysiologists in this field who predicted that the ECG pattern could be arrhythmogenic, also participated in the workshop. Other notable contributors included Professor Heikki Huikuri from Finland, Dr Raphael Rosso from Israel and Professor Gan-Xin Yan from the USA.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, there was a Civic Reception, hosted by the City of Glasgow, in the Wolfson Medical School. This was attended by all delegates to the Congress.

Congress Program

Professor Touyz formally opened the Congress on Thursday 8th August and was followed by by Dr Hein Wellens, one of the father figures of electrocardiography, who presented a plenary lecture underlining the value of 12 lead electrocardiography. Another plenary lecture was given by Professor Michel Haissaguerre, who talked about mapping of atrial fibrillation using a technique developed by the third plenary speaker, Professor Yoram Rudy from St Louis, USA. There were therefore three outstanding plenary lectures, each of which was very well attended.

The rest of the conference included many excellent sessions on cellular modelling, particularly of atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmias and more general topics in electrocardiography. There were also sessions on sudden cardiac death and risk prediction.

There was an excellent Young Investigators Competition, the best for years, which was won by Dr. Allen Kelly, a Glasgow PhD graduate from ICAMS currently working in Norway.

Social Program

There was a first class social programme, which included a visit to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a Distillery (actually two to spread the load!) and Stirling Castle, with a couple of dinners thrown in for good measure! Guests participated in a mini ceilidh at the Gala Dinner, which was a first for many attendees from overseas. There was even a full programme for accompanying persons. Some pictures are attached.

University of Glasgow Faculty of Medicine

The University of Glasgow Faculty of Medicine has a longstanding and proud history of outstanding achievements in medical science, with contributions from renowned physicians such as Joseph Lister (antisepsis), George Beatson (breast cancer), John MacIntyre (X-rays and radiology), William Hunter (anatomy and obstetrics) and Ian Donald (ultrasound) to name just a few. In addition to achievements in medical science, the Faculty has produced distinguished literary figures such as Tobias Smollett and A.J. Cronin.

Local Organising Committee

  • Colin Berry
  • Derek Connelly
  • Peter W. Macfarlane
  • Rachel Myles
  • Andrew Rankin
  • Godfrey Smith
  • Tony Workman


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