ecgsimECGSIM is an interactive simulation program that enables one to study the relationship between the electric activity of the ventricular myocardium and the resulting potentials on the thorax: QRST wave forms as well as body surface potential maps.

map3dmap3d is a scientific visualization application written to display and edit complex, three-dimensional geometric models and scalar, time-based data associated with those models.

seg3d cibcSeg3d is a view and segmentation tool for 3D image data.  Major applications include MRI and CT image stacks in which the goal is to extract features, organs, and shapes.  

 ECG athletes
WELCOME TO THE SPORTS CARDIOLOGY E-ACADEMY!  This free online resource provides important education and training for sports medicine physicians, cardiologists, and other clinicians responsible for the cardiovascular care of athletes. Content includes ECG interpretation training modules, conference presentations by world experts on a range of sports cardiology topics, and key guidelines to assist clinical practice.

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